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Lidey Heuck works as an assistant to Ina Garten, helping manage Barefoot Contessa’s social media platforms as well as testing recipes. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Bowdoin College. Lidey lives in East Hampton, NY, with her Welsh Terrier, Winkie.

17 thoughts on “About Lidey”

  1. I remember watching you several years ago on Ina’s show. How lucky you are to have such a dream job!! I followed Ina’s directions to your site, mainly for the Greek Grain Salad but ended up printing several of your recipes. I like the simpleness of your recipes..not too many ingredients and of course the use of fresh produce. My garden here in Urbanna, VA is going great guns and I love finding recipes in which I can use my own garden vegetables.
    I will be watching your page from now on. Love seeing a young person who loves to cook!!

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  2. Hi Lidey. I have just started a website for recipes because I like to share. I don’t sell any so I just got the free domain and learning as I go because I know nothing about websites. I notice you have a website similar to what I have and I would like to ask you…..Do you have to pay anything for this site (host, premium, or whatever). I don’t know how you set up your recipes so if anyone wants to print they just print the recipe and not the whole blog. I have tried to put plugin – Easy Recipes – but they want me to do premium which right now I don’t think is feasible for what I want to do. I would appreciate any help you can give me on which one you are using. Thanks Judy


  3. Thanks Lidey for your posts. I am new to blogging and love to eat a variety of foods. Your site has inspired me to pursue blogging even further and wet my palate! Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

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  4. Yummy!!! My Dad recently had a stroke and the fresh ideas really help! Can’t wait to have him over and cook your recipes #littlesalt #healthy Thank you!

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  5. Hi Lidey! I’m trying to see the recipie for your Moroccan chicken chili with butternut squash. When you click on the link under the main courses section the link takes you to the cheese board in the appetizer section. Hopefully it’s some technical glitch.


  6. The spaghetti with sweet corn pesto was amazing & so fun to make. The panko crusted topping is everything! I heard you & Ina on Katie Couric’s podcast and was inspired by your story. Congrats on your success. Cheers!

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  7. Hello Lidey,.. congrats on working with Ina ! Can I ask where you purchased the vintage coral artwork I saw displayed on Barefoot Contessa’s episode.. Welcome Cocktail Party ?
    thank you so much,
    L. Trotter

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  8. Dear Lidey,
    Your recipe for the baked goat cheese with dried figs, honey and pistachios was such a hit with my family and friends that I made it twice in one week! I would love to serve it in the same copper pan you have pictured…any ideas on where to get one? Or, at least will you share the dimensions and I will hunt one down! Thanks so much…love your work!


    1. Hi Patti! I am thrilled to hear the dip was a hit!! Thanks so much for trying the recipe. I actually borrowed the copper pan I used, but I will see what I can find out about it for you!


      1. Thanks so much, Lidey! I have shared this recipe and the url to your site with a cast of thousands! So good! I served mine in a small gratin dish and it wasn’t even close to your presentation. If you could let me know how big that copper pan is, I will hunt one down. (Mauviel has an 8 inch.)


  9. Can’t wait to make your Kale Apple Slaw!! I’ve had a similar a similar salad at a restaurant in Newport, RI which I fell in love with and I’ve been dying to find the copy cat recipe- this one might just be it!

    My sister and I love you and Ina (the perfect pair)!!

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